• Are all the products manufactured in Indonesia?          

Yes. They are creatively designed and produced with high quality.

  • Can I order through Blackberry Messenger or Whatsapp? 

No, you can only order through our website.

  • The item I’m interested in is sold out. Will it be restocked?

If the demand is quite high we will restock the item. Please click “Add to My Wishlist” so we can notify you through email once the item has been restocked.

  • Do I need to create an account to order?

We suggest that you make an account for easier checkout process the next time you want to order with us. Apart from that, we provide special discounts, point rewards, early notification on newest arrival and many intriguing offers for members only.

  • I forgot my password. How to log in?

Click “Forgot My Password” link at the Sign-in page and follow the instructions.

  •  Can I purchase from overseas?

Yes. We can deliver overseas. Kindly contact us for further information at isbonmedia@gmail.com

  • Can we put more letters than the limit specified?

No. We will have to stay according to the limit.

  • How many items can we order for a type?

You can order as many as you like as long as there is stock available.

  • Is the price the same as in Istana Boneka?

Yes, they all have the same price.