How To Order

1. Pick Your Items

Browse through the items as categorized and find the perfect gifts for your beloved ones or for yourselves. Once you have found the item you like, click on the picture to view the details of the product.

2. Personalized It !

After you choose the color, size and quantity, the fun time is here. Personalize the gift to add more uniqueness, create more meaningful and personal touch for your special ones, including yourself. It comes with two options and you can pick both as well.

  • Write out the thought that is in your heart or simply yet elegantly personalize it with his/her/your name.
  • How? Choose from one of the media where it will be written on and its specific limitation on the number of letters. Next, write it in the box provided according to the limit of letters stated.
  • Choose the wrapping you want to match the occasion and their character or style or current mood. 

3. Add To Cart

Once you are ready to move on to the next step of order, click Add to Cart. You will be redirected to Shopping Cart Summary page. Click “Continue Shopping” if you still want to view other items available.

4. Proceed to Purchase

If you are still browsing at other items, you can click the “Check Out” sign on the upper right corner or click the pink “Cart” sign to finalize your order.

--> > Shipping Information and Payment

In only one page, you will be guided to fill in or confirm the address of where the items will be shipped, the courier we use and the shipping cost, as well as the payment method you will be asked to choose. Apart from bank transfer, paying using credit card is also available through Paypal, a guaranteed safe web facility that is already accredited and used the most in the worldwide. You will be required to log in, or for a first-time shopper simply fill in your details to register.

--> > Confirm My Order

Review the items you have selected to purchase and click “Confirm My Order” to submit your order. An Order Confirmation will appear on screen and you will also receive an email notification confirming your order. We cannot hold any products for you before you check out.

5. Confirm Your Payment

If you choose to pay using bank transfer, after you have made your payment please revisit our site and click “Confirm Payment” at the top right corner. After this is done, we will process your order and ship it accordingly. An email regarding confirmation of payment will be sent.

NOTE: You are given 2 x 24 hours to confirm your payment, otherwise your order will  automatically be cancelled.